Selection of Specialty Sandwiches! | Trip’s Diner

cuban sandwhiches

A little something for everyone! Here at Trip’s Diner, we understand that everyone has a few favorite lunches that they tend to enjoy on a regular basis, so we’ve created a luncheon menu offering a tasty selection of specialty sandwiches designed to provide just that. We’ve got a little of everything on the menu! For starters, we suggest that newcomers … Read More

Hometown Breakfast Place | Trip’s Diner

If you’re hungry for old-fashioned quality breakfast, please stop by for a delicious breakfast soon. We have an amazing medley of everyone’s favorite morning dishes. In fact, when it comes to breakfast, our goal is to deliver scrumptious food that reminds our guests of home cooked meals from mom! We prepare each dish using quality, fresh ingredients, ensuring the best … Read More

Welcome to Trips Diner

Welcome to Trips Diner Conveniently Located in Seminole & St. Petersburg It is our pleasure to welcome you to our neighborhood restaurant, where we serve a big heaping of old-fashioned service and traditional dishes offering simple flavor. Trips Diner is a family restaurant offering a warm atmosphere, friendly staff, and delicious meals. Breakfast is often called the most important meal … Read More