Tampa Seminole Heights Diner

Best Tampa RestaurantsWhen considering where to eat in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida one should consider the locally owned diner, Trip’s. Named after Gordon and Louise Stevenson’s triplets, John, Will, and Libby, the Seminole Heights diner adds its own flavor to the traditional idea of a family owned restaurant.

Known for their cheese grits, thick bacon and southern cornbread, Trip’s prides itself on using family recipes passed down from generations. Accompanying the warm and tasty food, the diner offers a friendly and lively atmosphere.
As soon as you step inside you are greeted with a warm welcome and seated as quickly as possible by our friendly and attentive staff.
As friends and family wait for their food to arrive they can entertain themselves by looking at the old Florida decor that makes up their table top.

Hand made in the garage of the owners, each table contains old postcards, maps and pictures of Florida landmarks such as Lowery Park Zoo and the famous tarpon fishing destination, Boca Grande. A few family photos on the wall are included with some old pictures of the building that originally dates back to 1927. After a short wait, you can see your food in the window and you can’t help but jump up and down like a kid in a candy shop.

Whether you went for the hubcakes (pancakes the size of a hubcap), the Mr. Crab omelet (named after the young triplet’s favorite cartoon) or even the meatloaf (a recipe from Louise’s mother), you are bound for a heartwarming meal. As you finish wiping your plate with the last slice of toast you are tempted to round out your meal with some dessert.

Many of the desserts are from well known Tampa baker Mike’s Pies, including the ‘Better Than Your Mother’s’ chocolate cake, the ‘The Killer Key Lime’ pie. Giant peanut butter and chocolate chunk cookies are baked every day. Whichever one you choose you are sure to make a good choice. The only other decision you need to make is when to come back.