Where a Burger Is More Than Just a Burger

Here at Trip’s Diner, we know just how much people love their burgers. From well done to medium rare, a burger is one of the simplest yet most popularly chosen items on our menu for the lunch hour. We serve our  fresh hamburgers, and watch our guests gobble them down with a gusto that is rarely met with any other menu … Read More

Family Restaurant | Trips Diner

trips diner seminole

If breakfast has gotten a little humdrum for you lately, we’d like to give you a little something to drool over! Trip’s Diner is more than just a family restaurant filled with traditional menu options. While raising triplets, we’ve learned that adding some variety into meal choices can lead to a smash hit that has everyone almost licking their plates … Read More

It’s Dinner Time | Trip’s Diner

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After a long day of work, playing chauffeur for the kids, or having some weekend fun, it’s always nice to stop by Trip’s Diner for a bite to eat. Our dinner menu is designed to provide exactly what our guests are craving, along with something sweet to finish off the meal. Our homemade pasta dishes are always a big hit. … Read More

Selection of Specialty Sandwiches! | Trip’s Diner

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A little something for everyone! Here at Trip’s Diner, we understand that everyone has a few favorite lunches that they tend to enjoy on a regular basis, so we’ve created a luncheon menu offering a tasty selection of specialty sandwiches designed to provide just that. We’ve got a little of everything on the menu! For starters, we suggest that newcomers … Read More